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VINCIANE DEBAILLE, Chercheur qualifié/FNRS-Research associate

Phone: +32 2 650 22 71

Email: vdebaill@ulb.ac.be


Research interests

My research consists of the study of the formation of the solar system from its building blocks, the chondrites, to the evolution of terrestrial planets such as Earth and Mars in a global geodynamic context as revealed by isotope geochemistry. I am also interested in the formation of chemically distinct reservoirs in planets and mixing between these reservoirs, mantle convection, mantle plumes, the role of the source mineralogy and early planetary differentiation. To examine these issues, I am using several radiogenic isotope systems (Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, U-Th-Pb, Lu-Hf, Re-Os), including short-lived system 142Nd.


- C. Martin, V. Debaille, P. Lanari, S. Goderis, I. Vandendael, F. Vanhaecke, O. Vidal, P. Claeys, REE and Hf distribution among mineral phases in the CV-CK clan: A way to explain present-day Hf isotopic variations in chondrites. Geochimica and Cosmochimica Acta 120, 496-513 (2013).

- V. Debaille, C. O'Neill, A. D. Brandon, P. Haenecour, Q.-Z. Yin, N. Mattielli, A. H. Treiman, Stagnant-lid tectonics in early Earth revealed by 142Nd variations in late Archean rocks, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 373, 83-92 (2013).

- M. Grott, D. Baratoux, E. Hauber, V. Sautter, J. Mustard, O. Gasnault, S. Ruff, S.-I. Karato, V. Debaille, M. Knapmeyer, F. Sohl, T. Van Hoolst, D. Breuer, M.J. Toplis, A. Morschhauser,Long-term Evolution of the Martian Crust-Mantle System. Space Science Reviews 174, 49-111 (2013).

- M. Pivin, V. Debaille, N. Mattielli, D. Demaiffe, Nd-Hf isotope systematics of megacrysts from the Mbuji-Mayi kimberlites, D. R. Congo: evidence for a metasomatic origin related to kimberlite interaction with the cratonic lithospheric mantle. D.G. Pearson (eds), Proceeding of the 10th International Kimberlite Conference, Special Issue of the Journal of the Geological Society of India 1, 123-136 (2013).

- K. Mezger, V. Debaille, T. Kleine, Core Formation and Mantle Differentiation on Mars. Space Science Reviews 174, 27-48 (2013).

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- T. J. Lapen, M. Righter, A. D. Brandon, V. Debaille, B. L. Beard, J. T. Shafer & A. H. Peslier, A younger age for ALH 84001 and its geochemical link to shergottite sources in Mars. Science 328, 347-351 (2010).

- D. T. Murphy, A. D. Brandon , V. Debaille, R. Burgess & C. Ballentine, In search of a hidden long-term isolated sub-chondritic 142Nd/144Nd reservoir in the deep mantle: Implications for the Nd isotope systematics of the Earth. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74, 738-750 (2010).

- A. D. Brandon, T. J. Lapen, V. Debaille, B. Beard, K. Rankenburg & C. Neal, Re-Evaluating 142Nd/144Nd in Lunar Mare Basalts with Implications for the Early Evolution and Bulk Sm/Nd of the Moon. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73, 6421-6445 (2009).

- V. Debaille, A.D. Brandon, C. O’Neill, Q.-Z. Yin & B. Jacobsen, Early martian mantle overturn inferred from isotopic composition of nakhlite meteorites. Nature Geosciences 2, 548-552 (2009).

- V. Debaille, R. G. Trønnes, A. D. Brandon, T. E. Waight, D. W. Graham & C.-T. A. Lee, Primitive off-rift basalts from Iceland and Jan Mayen: Os-isotopic evidence for a mantle source containing enriched subcontinental lithosphere. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73, 3423-3449 (2009).

- V. Debaille, Q.-Z. Yin, A.D. Brandon, B. Jacobsen, Martian mantle mineralogy investigated by the 176Lu–176Hf and 147Sm–143Nd systematics of shergottites, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 269, 186-199 (2008).

- V. Debaille, A.D. Brandon , Q.Z. Yin & B. Jacobsen,Coupled 142Nd-143Nd evidence for a protracted magma ocean in Mars, Nature 450, 525-528 (2007).

- V. Debaille , J. Blichert-Toft , A. Agranier , R. Doucelance , F. Albarède & P. Schiano, Geochemical component relationships in MORB from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 22-35°N, Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters 241, 844-862 (2006).

- V. Debaille, R. Doucelance, D. Weis & P. Schiano, Multi-stage mixing in subduction zones: application to Merapi Volcano (Java, Indonesia). Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 70, 723-741 (2006).

- A. Agranier, J. Blichert-Toft, J.-G. Schilling, D. Graham, V. Debaille, P. Schiano, F. Albarède, Convective refolding of the mantle revealed by isotopic striations along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 238, 96-109 (2005).

- S. Doucet, D. Weis, J. S. Scoates, V. Debaille, A. Giret, Geochemical and Hf-Pb-Sr-Nd isotopic constraints on the origin of the Amsterdam-St. Paul (Indian Ocean) hotspot basalts. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 218, 179-195 (2004).

Conference abstracts as first author

- What isotopic signature of shergottite and nakhlite tell us about the martian mantle? V. Debaille and A. D. Brandon, Workshop on the martian mantle, Houston, USA, 2012.

- How to preserve a chemically heterogeneous martian mantle? A plate tectonics point of view. V. Debaille, C. O’Neill, A. D. Brandon, P. Haenecour, Q.-Z. Yin, N. Mattielli, A. H. Treiman, Meteoritical Society Conference, Cairns, Australia, 2012.

- Stagnant-lid tectonics in early Earth revealed by 142Nd variations in late Archean rocks, V. Debaille, C. O’Neill, A.D. Brandon, P. Haenecour, Q.-Z. Yin, N. Mattielli, A.H. Treiman, Goldschmidt Conference, Montreal, Canada, 2012.

- The role of phosphates for the Lu-Hf chronology of meteorites. V. Debaille, Q.-Z. Yin & Y. Amelin, Workshop on the formation of the first solid in the solar system, Hawaii, 2011.

- Mantle overturn as revealed by nakhlites: what happened after? V. Debaille & A.D. Brandon, Meteoritical Society Conference, London, United Kingdom, 2011.

- Metasomatism beneath the Kerguelen Plateau associated with heterogeneous mantle plume, V. Debaille, G. Hublet, N. Mattielli & D. Weis, Goldschmidt Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011.

- Isotopic Evidence for Mantle Overturn in Early Mars and its Geodynamic Consequences. V. Debaille, A.D. Brandon, C. O’Neill, Q.-Z. Yin and B. Jacobsen, NIPR Symposium on Antarctic meteorites, Tokyo, Japan, 2010.

- The age of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Northern Kerguelen Plateau. V. Debaille, N. Mattielli & D. Weis, Fall AGU 2009, San Francisco, USA.

- Timescale of martian mantle overturn recorded in nakhlite martian meteorites. V. Debaille, A. D. Brandon, C. O’Neill, B. Jacobsen & Q.-Z. Yin,Meteoritical Society 2009, Nancy, France.

- The age, duration, and depth of a turbulent magma ocean in Mars. V. Debaille, A. D. Brandon, Q.-Z. Yin & B. Jacobsen, 18th Goldschmidt Conference 2008, Vancouver, Canada.

- Duration of a magma ocean and subsequent mantle overturn in Mars: evidence from nakhlites. V. Debaille, A.D. Brandon, Q.-Z. Yin & B. Jacobsen, XXXVth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2008, Houston, USA.

- Comparison of Nd isotope ratio measurements between MC-ICP-MS and TIMS. V. Debaille, A.D. Brandon & N. Mattielli, 8th conference on sector field ICP-MS, 2009, Ghent, Belgium

- Was Earth Initially Chondritic for its Coupled 142Nd-143Nd Signature? A Perspective From Mars. V. Debaille, A.D. Brandon, Q.-Z. Yin, B. Jacobsen, Fall AGU, San Francisco, 2007

- Decoupled 182Hf-182W and 146Sm-142Nd systematics of SNC meteorites: implications for early Mars evolution. V. Debaille, A.D. Brandon, Q.-Z. Yin, B. Jacobsen, Workshop "Early solar system

- Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd isotopic study of Martian meteorites: implications for early differentiation on Mars, V. Debaille, Q.-Z. Yin, A.D. Brandon, B. Jacobsen, 17th Goldschmidt conference, Cologne, 2007

- Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd isotopic studies of shergottites and nakhlites: implications on Martian mantle sources. V. Debaille, Q.-Z. Yin, A.D. Brandon, B. Jacobsen, A. Treiman, XXXIV LPS conference, Houston, 2007

- Origin of the Jan Mayen hotspot: An 187Os/188Os and PGE perspective, V. Debaille, R. G. Tronnes, A. D. Brandon and C.-T. A. Lee, 16th Goldschmidt conference, Melbourne, 2006.

- Island arc basalt genesis by multi-stage mixing process: application to Merapi volcano, Indonesia, V. Debaille, R. Doucelance, D. Weis, P. Schiano, EGU general assembly, Vienna, 2005.

- Hf-Nd-Pb isotope systematic in MORB from the Mid-Atlantic ridge, 22-35°N, V. Debaille, R. Doucelance, J. Blichert-Toft, A. Agranier, P. Schiano, 14th Goldschmidt conference, Copenhagen, 2004.

- Multi-stage mixing in subduction zones: Application to Merapi volcano, Indonesia, V. Debaille, R. Doucelance, D. Weis, P. Schiano, AGU-EGS-EGU general assembly, Nice, 2003.

Teaching activities

- Trace element geochemistry (BAC3; 1 ECTS)

- Isotope geochemistry: part I: geochronology (MA1; 1 ECTS)

- Global geodynamic (MA1; 1 ECTS)

- Cosmochemistry and Planetology: part I (MA2; 1 ECTS)

Laboratoire G-Time Université Libre de Bruxelles Département Géosciences, Environnement et Société CP 160/02, 50 Avenue F.D. Roosevelt, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium